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Episode Summary

Episode 403: The Good Locksmith

    Jack takes on the world's most tempting job: cracking security.
    Under the tutelage of Eli Farley, a once great locksmith who had his abilities crushed by blindness and finger-mangling, Jack learns the tricks of the trade. But despite the constant temptation to bribe, steal, and coheres to get more than his fair pay, Jack remains an honest locksmith.
    Much the opposite, Bobby and Leo (along with a band of recruited ex-cons) plan to rob a bank, solely for the thrill of doing it better than every heist movie to date.

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Episode Summary

Episode 402: MindHumper

    Astoundo's magical repertoire of pulling rabbits out of hats and sawing ladies in half isn't grabbing the audiences it used to, so he hires Jack as his spandex-clad assistant.
    Regardless of how fabulous he looks in sequins, Jack yearns to put on his own magic show, on prime-time TV, with illusions that will Hump the Minds of Millions.
    Meanwhile, away from the world of smoke and mirrors, Leo and Bobby face their own magical misadventure, as a talisman causes them to switch bodies.

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Aaaand, We're Back!

After a brief sojourn, Odd Job Jack is back in full swing. I'll be summarizing and screen-capping episodes as they near completion, so without further ado...

Episode 401: No One Likes An Ape

    Under his new career councilor, a paroled convict named Sheila, Jack is assigned to the notoriously humiliating job of being a mascot (for Dario's Discount Beds, a failing mattress store).
    After becoming stuck in the confined, itchy and smelly gorilla suit, Jack's brain becomes as simian as his outer appearance. Despite administering a little tough love on Jack, even Dario can't control his newly animalistic worker, who breaks free and runs amok in downtown Canada.
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The Mid-break Update

News has been slow lately, mainly due to your favourite blogger being out of a job until next season ramps up; but news has been trickling down to me, and all of it’s good.
Season four of Odd Job Jack is now in design. Dave’s cranking out the new characters, and fresh scripts are rolling in.

I’ll pass on any new info as I get it (like the moment we find out Jack’s jobs!) so stay tuned.

If you want a Jack fix until then, remember FreeJack is still up and running. Since all of Season 3’s episodes have been aired, the complete set of Jack resources for animation are available for download: http://www.oddjobjack.com/forum/showthread.php?t=465
Have a go, make Jack do what you’ve always wanted to see. ;)
(Macromedia Flash needed for zany adventures.)
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The season has come to an end, and OJJ saw another amazing run.
In addition to the show itself gaining popularity, we’ve also had about 400,000 game plays in the 2 weeks since we released our games to the web.

If you’re interested, you can download 18 of our 24 games and host them on their own sites. All the download links are available here.

(Our games are already on: addictinggames.com, twbbs.net.tw, leenks.com, minijuegos.com, spele.nl, newgrounds.com, freeworldgroup.com, madville.com, hallpass.com, funny-games.biz , thatvideogamesite.com)
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Odd Job Jack on DVD!

Just in time for Season 3's wrap-up, Season 2 has been released on DVD.

It's been featured on the Odd Job Jack site, here.

Retail released happens October 3rd at:
Wal Mart
Future Shop
Best Buy
Music World

But you can buy Odd Job Jack Season 2 right now through amazon.ca, here.

More DVD information is available on Odd Job Jack.com!
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Episode 313

Episode 312: Social Worker, Part 2

    Rescued from the brink of suicidal calamity by Vanessa's astounding counseling skills, the wedding party continues uninterrupted, and Jack enters into the wonderful and terrifying world of matrimony before being whisked away to the “romantic”, war torn wastes of Africa.
    Neglected and sexually frustrated by his wife's constant need to give aid to refugees and wounded animals, Jack's honeymoon takes a turn for the even worse when he's kidnapped by revolutionaries. When his ransom video is broadcast across the globe Babs, Bobby and Leo (who, now cured of his fear of the outside world has become a rippling mass of muscle and aggression) rush to his rescue.
    As Vanessa volunteers to be kidnapped herself, sympathizing with the proletariat struggle of the poor indigenous people of the area, Jack and her barely get a moment of reconciliation before Betty arrives with the Odd Job Jet to free them! Witnessing Betty's new compassion Jack is confronted with his feelings for her, and decides his marriage was a mistake.
    Understanding to a fault, his now estranged wife bids them good luck, steals the jet, and takes off to rescue the world from it's troubles.
    But love doesn't fly people back to Canada, leaving Jack and his family to trek across the Sahara desert.
    Back in Canada, Jack cheerfully goes to Odd Jobs to see Betty and start temp work again. But he finds her office completely bare. A janitor explains that she was fired for stealing the company plane, and fled the country.
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Episode 312

Episode 312: Social Worker, Part 1

    Jack, overcome with unrequited love for the uninterested Betty, tearfully accepts his latest assignment: Social Worker.
    Overwhelmed by the barrage of phone calls while working a Crisis Help-Line, Jack finds comfort in the advice and empathy of Vanessa, a beautiful and kind coworker.
    Meanwhile, Bobby is horribly electrocuted, and the surge of power through his brain alters his sexual orientation - turning him gayer than Christmas.
    As Jack finally finds acceptance in a woman who seems to celebrate his traits instead of lamenting over his incompetence, it seems wedding bells are ringing.
    As the day of joyful union approaches, Bobby must come to terms with his newfound preference, Babs must live with crippling bankruptcy, Spoons must find her own identity, Leo must conquer his agoraphobia, Betty must discover if she truly cares for Jack, and Max must break on through to the other side!
    On the wedding day, just as Jack is about to tie the knot, Vanessa has to make the ultimate altruistic move: working on her wedding day, to save Jack's family.
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Episode 311

Episode 311: Crabs

    Lured to the frigid waters of the sea by the promise of wealth and dignity, and despite the overwhelming odds of his certain death deep beneath the crushing weight of the ocean, Jack signs on for adventure as an Alaskan Crab Fisherman.
    He is crewed under the eccentric Captain Wilde, who captures the imagination of his men with terrible tales of the Giant Crab, a ferocious sea beast that snatches the very lives of men as well as their portable data organizers; and how he swears to seek vengeance against the creature that took his Blackberry from him so long ago.
    Jack survives this arctic peril only because of QuibQuib, the Maori sailor who also seeks the Giant Crab, as it's his quest to find and kill it as his ancestors did, thus attaining holy ascension (and perhaps, with some butter, the most sanctified of delicious entrees as well).
    When the Giant Crab turns from myth to reality and attacks, Jack has to find his inner courage to face it, or die!