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Air Date Announced!

Odd Job Jack season three goes to air Sat July 22!

Jack's jobs:

    301 - Croupier (Guest Star: Jason Alexander)
    302 - Archaeologist (Guest Star: Molly Parker)
    303 - Royal Timekeeper (Guest Star: Sean Cullen)
    304 - Substitute Teacher
    305 - Construction Worker (Guest Star: Harland Willams)
    306 - Garbage Detective (Guest Star: John Goodman / Tara Spencer-Nairn)
    307 - Commando - (Guest Star: Christian Slater)
    308 - Pollster - (Guest Star: Jerry Stiller)
    309 - Dancer / Krumper
    310 - Perfumer ("Nose")
    311 - King Crab Fisherman - (Guest Star: Sean Cullen)

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