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jack ryder

Episode Summary

Posted on 2007.09.04 at 17:36
Feelin': anxiousWRYYyy
Tunes: Those Barking Xmas Dogs
Production is rolling on at a steady pace, so the blog will go back to being updated weekly- so check in next Tuesday!

Episode 409: Master of Temps

    Under his enigmatic boss, Steve, Jack learns the internal workings of Odd Jobs. To his surprise, not everybody is slapped with the hodge-podge of dead end jobs he's been forced into. Those are just the D List positions.
    Feeling he's finally graduated into a solid C List job, Jack manages to fritter away even more time than the average office worker.
    Strangely enough, his brilliant method of "dumping a pile of potential job folders in front of the job-hunting temps" boosts productivity so much that Jack becomes a company favorite- much to the irritation of his hard working colleagues.
    Meanwhile, Bobby finds himself on the other side of Jack's life, as he quits his job at the company store and starts the soul destroying journey of looking for work in a depressing world that doesn't want to hire anybody, no matter how bloody qualified they are.

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