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Odd Job Jack, On air!

Before we get to yet another riveting episode summary, just a reminder to sidle on over to oddjobjack.com to register. Every time you register I get to go a day without flogging.
But seriously- Sundays at 9:30pm on the Comedy Network: watch it, love it, and dwell forever on the two episodes you've already missed if you haven't had your eyes glued to the screen this past fortnight.
Now onward!
Because who doesn't get all warm and tingly at the mention of time paradoxes?

Episode 408: Twelve Chickens

    Jack takes a job at Edna Daze's chicken farm- a task that would make PETA members swoon. But though Jack is a bit queasy at the prospect of beak-clipping, he does his job diligently- until his familiar ineptitude kicks in, and faced with the job of killing all the chickens to prevent Bird Flu, Jack manages to leave one chick alive.

    From simple job to surreal adventure, Jack is soon met with himself: from the future!

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