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jack ryder

Episode Summary

Posted on 2007.05.23 at 15:29
Feelin': hyperyay srsly
Tunes: Lily Allen - Smile
Episode 406: The Beauty Beast

    Jack is picked to assist Dr. Finch, a popular plastic surgeon.
    Though he tries to argue against slicing and dicing one's features for purely cosmetic reasons, Jack is quick to change his tune when the clinic's sexy secretary, Katie, catches his eye.
    But being a shallow and fickle person herself, Katie can always find flaws in Jack, no matter how many nips and tucks he endures; ultimately, Jack sees the dark side of too much surgery- his carefully crafted new face turns to putty, and he is chased out of the glamorous cesspool of plastic people, into the literal sewer, where he learns the meaning of true beauty from the people who know it best- terrifyingly botched beauty-enthusiasts.

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